Rimuldar Having Some Fun in Epic Normal VON

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I currently have five characters running in epic levels (Rimuldar, Wapoyei, Garrrin, Kolll, and Larrs).  All of these characters are level 22 or less, so I’m moving them slowly through the various epic quests while putting more focus on Erdrique and his True Reincarnation train.  Recently, I logged on with Rimuldar (Level 21 Archmage/Magister) and decided to run The Vault of Night on epic normal.  Since I have decided to put more of a focus to the pug scene for this year, I created a post for a group in the LFM panel.  I was kind of worried how this would turn out because I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to hold up my end in the pug scene for the higher level quests, especially since I haven’t concentrated on gearing up the majority of my characters, especially with my casters. 

So, after…

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