How to flag for The Mark of Death

Micki's Delirium

The flagging for The Mark of Death (epic) is a lot easier than the flagging for Ascension Chamber (heroic). The epic raid only requires that you run the 4 quests in Orchard of the Macabre, turn them in and pick up the reward from the chain giver. But, there is one little trick to it, that ppl tend to miss. You have to have the epic version of the quest picked up, and run the quests on epic to get flagged. You can enter and run the epic version of the quests by picking up the heroic ones, but that will not progress the chain and will therefor not flag you.

So, to flag for The Mark of Death, talk to the following quest givers and pick up the quests:
Tengir Greathall (Inferno of the Damned)
Birtran Kenworthy (Ghosts of Perdition)
Nesta Davir (Desecrated Temple…

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