A Busy DDO weekend

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I must say this; Cannith crafting 3.0 is a boon to me at least and all my alts. I do miss some flexibility in items, but I’m quite happy about being able to put together BTA times for most of my many alts that are staple for specific slots. Like spell lore and power rings, HP belts (like Constitution of False life with extra insightful Con), Helmets with wizardry and spell focus mastery and bracers with strength.

All in all I’ve managed to make many different diverse items fulfilling certain weaknesses in original gear setup. Such as adding sheltering and insightful sheltering (insightful separates it into Magical and Physical, so you end up having to add it to 2 different items – perfect for rings) to toons that generally have little.

Sticks are fairly diverse as well. I have not had to make any named melee or ranged items yet…

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