DDO: The Needs of the Many

Bio Break

So thanks again to everyone who volunteered to write a guest post for Bio Break next week — there was an avalanche of responses for it, and while I didn’t have room for all of them, I appreciate everyone who was willing to help out!

So!  DDO!  It’s been a crazy week for that game, with a major patch that’s required a couple of hotfixes after stuff got broke and players got all cranky.  However, as a whole, it’s a terrific patch.  There’s a great new set of adventures (which I really want to run again), and — of course — guild leveling and airships.

DDO is certainly not the first game (or even close) to having guild leveling, a feature which is kind of cool and, after a while, almost a non-issue.  Like LOTRO, for example — that has guild leveling, but it gets capped fairly quickly and once…

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