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I’m currently debating with myself on how to best finish my Warlock gear set – particularly to take Slavers in account (5 piece set). It’s easy enough when you consider the named items such as Legendary Mutilator of Minds and Legendary Spinneret – those are excellent editions to the overall build. Or for that matter a legendary stick of greensteel (what kind is still largely a debate but I have ideas) and a greensteel items boosting acid crit multiplier.

That leaves a lot of other slots to be filled.

It naturally boils down to a philosophy of where I’m going with my Warlock moreso than just mindless boosting of certain features (easy enough).

I’ve tried all sort of variants – from the ES temp HP burst version to a melee warlock hybrid (on another toon) and now a more cc/insta kill/high dps version. A version I like the best.


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