Herding Fifth Edition Cats

Dyson's Dodecahedron


Last weekend was spent in the glorious herding of cats in my 5e campaign.

This campaign was launched as a playtest of the new rules set before I run a “real” 5e campaign. As such I’m now aiming for the campaign ending and am willing to do a bit of railroading to get there.

ALL SIGNS POINT TO THE TEMPLE OF IRON has been the slogan of the campaign for pretty much all of 2016. Yet the party has only spent two sessions in the actual temple of iron and insist on exploring every little red herring I let get in their way.

But at the end of tonight’s game, they found their way back (via three other adventure hooks that lead on different missions that all end up aiming … to the Temple of Iron / The Iron Temple) to the front door of the Temple of Iron, hidden…

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