Petty and Unknown Gods

Dyson's Dodecahedron


A recent discussion of Tegel Manor (a classic third-party D&D module published by Judges Guild in ’77 that was a gonzo madhouse, but that has the best looking map of any adventure I had ever played) had me delve deep into my Judges Guild stuff (mostly looking for stuff with Jennell Jaquays’ name on it).

One book I haven’t looked at in AGES is “The Unknown Gods” which is full of 83 “minor” gods statted out for D&D. But we are talking lower-echelon gods mostly – with hit points in the double digits, some abilities not much stronger than some PCs have, and a d6 table for their attitude when encountered.

Because these gods are meant to be encountered.

It reminds me of the gods in Lankhmar and the ones in Thieves’ World. Gods that wander the world or are even trapped in a particular city. The patron god of…

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