Kill Ten Rats Does What Turbine DDOn’t

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There’s little I can add to the sentiment that, for whatever reason, DDO has pretty much no roleplaying scene, and few if any tools to create one.  That’s not to say there isn’t a vibrant community or perhaps pockets of RPers here and there, but it just wasn’t something that was high on Turbine’s list — which is odd, considering that LOTRO and Asheron’s Call both have a lot of RP space and tools.

But instead of bemoaning this topic, it got me thinking once again about roles in games.  I’d love to see a MMO that gives players the ability to jump into the role of an enemy mob in the world, with that mob’s typical hit points and abilities, and give them incentive to go hunt down players.  It not only would be a refreshing change of pace, but regular players…

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