DDO: A return with a one-eyed rogue

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rogueDDO is back in my game rotation, mostly because I’ve been curious how the expansions have changed the game and only slightly because of past feelings for this title.  Man, it’s been years since I played, but oh how it comes back in a rush.  I think that, for me, it’s always the sounds that reconnect me with games right away.  We might not actively notice those noises when we’re playing, but they do wonders in shuttling long-term memories back to short-term.  The “dong!” and quest complete noises in DDO especially.

A good half of my session last night centered around making a new character.  This is trickier in Shadowfell Conspiracy because you can make insta-level 15s, so I had to figure out a new iconic class, level her up 15 times in a row, and then invest in enhancements.  The goal, more or less, was to make a dual-wielding…

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