Enjoying the Druid Winter Wolf Form

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Erdrique right now is level 13 with level 14 banked in his druid life.  Since I tend to favor melee builds, I decided that I would primarily use the wolf and winter wolf change shape throughout this particular life.  And needless to say, I have enjoyed that decision quite a bit!!  I really enjoy the run speed in winter wolf form and various attacks, including Alpha Strike which I find to be really fun to use.  I also like using the spells Frostbite and Jaws of Winter which are available to you in winter wolf form. 

Perhaps the most fun I have though is when I use the trip spell ability.  I ran Chamber of Rhamat (The Tomb of the Physician) in Sands of Menechtarun the other day and I enjoyed watching my trip land on one of the hyenas:

Sit Ubu sit photo SitUbusit_zps34692615.jpg
Sit down like a good little boy…

Of course a…

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