A sticky situation

Even Now

I’ve never actually seen the Nicolas Cage movie “Wicker Man,” but I’ve seen the infamous alternate ending. If you haven’t, I won’t spoil it; you can always search YouTube (believe me, you’ll find it). If you HAVE seen it, you’ll know exactly why I picked the image I did for this week’s video.

I’m starting to amass quite a collection of Legendary Five Rings, Legendary Chains, and the like, to the point where, even with 19 toons to equip, I’m probably going to have to start vendoring them just to save inventory space. But it’s worth it. Update 32, Against the Slave Lords, is a rollicking good time.

Go ahead, pull the rope (boy, did I fall for that one the first time I ran the quests)! Want some honey? HELP, A BEAR!

After taking the last two weeks off from livestreaming due to pesky real life, I decided I…

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A Bizarre Weekend with Pokemon Rumble World

Many Welps

Image result

Before I went out of town this weekend I went down to my local library to see what kind of 3DS games they had. What I was really looking for was Fire Emblem: Birthright and for the past couple of weeks every time I visited the library it was there. But of course this time, when I actually wanted to play, it was checked out. Go figure.

So I instead opted for Pokemon Rumble World because it looked sort of interesting. I remember downloading it once out of curiosity, it’s a free to play title on the 3DS complete with micro transactions and mobile-esque timers. But i remember it being kind of fun, a super easy action RPG with Pokemon. Curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to know what the retail version was like. Ever since Pokemon Mystery Dungeon I’ve enjoyed the Pokemon spin-off games a little…

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EEraids revival (Orien)

Micki's Delirium

I’ve been wanting to revive EEraids.. that is my channel and the weekly EEraids, or well, LE now. I started the channel to try and get ppl together who want to do the highest level raids on the highest difficulty available, and it was going ok for a while. The channel wasn’t as active as I would have liked, but I managed to get a group of ppl together almost every week. After legendary raids came out and the servers were moved, I stopped doing my Saturday raids.

I would like to get back to doing the weekly Saturday raids, and possibly do a raid schedule. I won’t be able to do raids every day, but once or twice a week is doable. So, if you’re on Orien and want to raid, do join the channel “/joinchannel EEraids endgame”. The channel is open for anyone interested in raiding, but for…

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Can MMO desert zones ever be cool?

Bio Break


Hope you like sand, because you’re in for a lot of it!

The other day an unnamed party and I were recording an unnamed podcast in while we were discussing the music that played in MMORPG desert zones. I can neither confirm nor deny that you will hear this conversation in the future, but boy did it trigger a few nasty memories. In Syp’s hierarchy of most-disliked video game biomes, the list goes:

  1. Volcano & lava zones
  2. Desert zones
  3. Jungle zones

There are different aspects I hate about each, but what sets desert areas apart is simply how boring most of them are. There’s only so much you can do with a desert, since its very definition means “lacking anything cool.” Developers probably can’t be blamed for dumping the desert area design on the interns, because the their toolbag is pretty limited here. Cacti? Sand? Scorpions jumping up out at…

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Weekend Runnin’

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

This weekend was no different from the previous in that I ran mainly on my Warlock and Vanguard. First and foremost as many legendary shrouds, but also slavers and whatever assorted stuff popping up.

I even had the opportunity to run on my barbarian as they needed more melee for a shroud run.

I wanted to run as many high end quests as possible, such as legendary at Elite, so I could pull a bunch of good stuff from the chests. I was going for that rare, good item. This is the one opportunity you have to pull something better than what you can craft. Such as the Necromancy +7 of insightful +4 that I pulled.

Or the many +7 insightful stat items I managed to find or that Triple 6 one, 6 illusion, 6 spell pen and +6 insightful Intelligence.

Altho the last one you can actually create yourself…

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How to flag for The Tower of Despair

Micki's Delirium

This is another semi easy flag. Semi in the way that these quests are or used to be quite difficult. Especially solo and Genesis Point will require another player to help open and close barriers in the maze.

Anyway, to flag for The Tower of Despair, head out to Amrath and talk to the following NPCs to pick up the 4 flagging quests:

Run the quests, pick up the quest rewards and pick up the raid from Uloth. I recommend that you also head back out into the Battlefield and locate the Tower Cave, and ask the NPC there to allow you to come back there later. If you do, the next time you’re in Amrath you can just click on the portal to the Battlefield and ask…

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Why I want Playstation VR


….I can touc..no I can’t.


In around 3 weeks time, the future of console gaming will be arriving. Sure it has been out on PC for quite some time now but hey – we just ignore stuff like that around here! So with the hefty price tag of £349.99 here in the UK (and that is just the headset) why should I be interested in it? Apart from the thrill of new tech!

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Kill Ten Rats Does What Turbine DDOn’t

Bio Break

I fully endorse this post or product.

There’s little I can add to the sentiment that, for whatever reason, DDO has pretty much no roleplaying scene, and few if any tools to create one.  That’s not to say there isn’t a vibrant community or perhaps pockets of RPers here and there, but it just wasn’t something that was high on Turbine’s list — which is odd, considering that LOTRO and Asheron’s Call both have a lot of RP space and tools.

But instead of bemoaning this topic, it got me thinking once again about roles in games.  I’d love to see a MMO that gives players the ability to jump into the role of an enemy mob in the world, with that mob’s typical hit points and abilities, and give them incentive to go hunt down players.  It not only would be a refreshing change of pace, but regular players…

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Trying out the U32 quests on legendary (spoilers)

Micki's Delirium

After trying the quests out on heroic, I decided to switch to my monkcher and run the quests through on legendary.. and elite of course. I’ve done high end legendary quests on her before, she’s not OP, but she does ok. I felt confident that I’d be able to do it if I played smart. I managed to complete the first quest without dying, the second quest with dying twice… but the third and final quest turned out to be too hard for me to handle. I struggled through to the end fight, dying 3 times on the way there… and once I got to the end I realised there wasn’t a way for me to finish. I spent some time running around the room as a ghost, failing to find a perch spot, I just gave up and recalled.

Check out the videos below.

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2016 Dungeons & Dragons Colouring Book

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Dungeons & Dragons Colouring Book cover Dungeons & Dragons Colouring Book cover

The 2016 Dungeons & Dragons “Monsters and Heroes of the Realms” Colouring Book is finally out! I got my copies a month ago (with a bit of a surprise at the time) but now you can get yours.

While you wait, however, the official D&D site has a full little promo page that also includes two pages from the colouring book that you can download. They list them as a Beholder and a Map… The beholder is a great illustration that I photographed when I got the book –

Behold! Behold!

And the map… Well, of course the map is one of mine!

Maps! Maps!

As I said when I first got this in the mail, I really like how they cut out most of the interior of these maps, opening them up for the owner to redraw them as they please – totally in…

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