Alt-ernate reality

Even Now


When your alt-itis is as bad as mine, it can be hard to find playing time for all of your toons even under the best of circumstances.

If you’re one of the unfortunate few who read my last post, you might remember that my real-life circumstances have taken a decided turn for the worse. I’d rather not get into too much detail in a public post; suffice to say that health issues affecting a close relative have resulted in some serious quality-of-life changes for myself and my family.

As much as this is having a huge impact on my “me” time, there are two things I refuse to give up. One is my partici… pation in an annual local production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Officially I play Dr. Scott. In rehearsals, sometimes anything goes – tonight I got to be both Dr. Scott and Janet, which was a…

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State of the Game: MOBA Madness

Me Vs. Myself and I


It’s been a very long time since I’ve done one of these, but with my lack of posts as of late, I thought this would be a handy catch-all for the gaming I have been doing, which has been focused mostly on MOBAs, once again. That isn’t news, but it’s still surprising that the genre has been able to keep its grasp on me for so long. It’s also surprising that I’m pulling this column from the grave, after nearly a year (the last time I wrote one, it was December 2015). With that said, let’s jump into it.


Normally I’d be writing about League of Legends right about now, but I haven’t really been playing it all that much. I started off loving all of the changes that came with Season 6, played some random game modes, played some ranked, and then sort of fizzled out. I still…

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The debate

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I’m currently debating with myself on how to best finish my Warlock gear set – particularly to take Slavers in account (5 piece set). It’s easy enough when you consider the named items such as Legendary Mutilator of Minds and Legendary Spinneret – those are excellent editions to the overall build. Or for that matter a legendary stick of greensteel (what kind is still largely a debate but I have ideas) and a greensteel items boosting acid crit multiplier.

That leaves a lot of other slots to be filled.

It naturally boils down to a philosophy of where I’m going with my Warlock moreso than just mindless boosting of certain features (easy enough).

I’ve tried all sort of variants – from the ES temp HP burst version to a melee warlock hybrid (on another toon) and now a more cc/insta kill/high dps version. A version I like the best.


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A Busy DDO weekend

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I must say this; Cannith crafting 3.0 is a boon to me at least and all my alts. I do miss some flexibility in items, but I’m quite happy about being able to put together BTA times for most of my many alts that are staple for specific slots. Like spell lore and power rings, HP belts (like Constitution of False life with extra insightful Con), Helmets with wizardry and spell focus mastery and bracers with strength.

All in all I’ve managed to make many different diverse items fulfilling certain weaknesses in original gear setup. Such as adding sheltering and insightful sheltering (insightful separates it into Magical and Physical, so you end up having to add it to 2 different items – perfect for rings) to toons that generally have little.

Sticks are fairly diverse as well. I have not had to make any named melee or ranged items yet…

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DDO: The Needs of the Many

Bio Break

So thanks again to everyone who volunteered to write a guest post for Bio Break next week — there was an avalanche of responses for it, and while I didn’t have room for all of them, I appreciate everyone who was willing to help out!

So!  DDO!  It’s been a crazy week for that game, with a major patch that’s required a couple of hotfixes after stuff got broke and players got all cranky.  However, as a whole, it’s a terrific patch.  There’s a great new set of adventures (which I really want to run again), and — of course — guild leveling and airships.

DDO is certainly not the first game (or even close) to having guild leveling, a feature which is kind of cool and, after a while, almost a non-issue.  Like LOTRO, for example — that has guild leveling, but it gets capped fairly quickly and once…

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A Look Back at My Adventures This Past Week March 24 to March 27

Erdrique's Blog

This week I had some interesting runs, primarily dominated with my new half-orc barbarian, Berann (Level 7).  On Sunday, I finally found some time to create Berann.  I used my veteran status to start him out at level 7 and took him to Korthos.  On Monday morning, when I typically do my slayer runs, I realized that Berann couldn’t get into the Korthos wilderness zone, so I started off doing the Korthos Village quests. Berann took on Heyton’s Rest, The Storehouse Secret, and The Cannith Crystal before I needed to head off to work.  I didn’t get on Monday afternoon after work but did log back on Monday night while playing my weekly digital D&D PNP game.  On Monday night, I logged on with Wapoyei (Level 22 Cleric/Exalted Angel) and took him into the Tharashk Arena on epic normal.  The run through Tharashk Arena went extremely smoothly…

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How to flag for The Mark of Death

Micki's Delirium

The flagging for The Mark of Death (epic) is a lot easier than the flagging for Ascension Chamber (heroic). The epic raid only requires that you run the 4 quests in Orchard of the Macabre, turn them in and pick up the reward from the chain giver. But, there is one little trick to it, that ppl tend to miss. You have to have the epic version of the quest picked up, and run the quests on epic to get flagged. You can enter and run the epic version of the quests by picking up the heroic ones, but that will not progress the chain and will therefor not flag you.

So, to flag for The Mark of Death, talk to the following quest givers and pick up the quests:
Tengir Greathall (Inferno of the Damned)
Birtran Kenworthy (Ghosts of Perdition)
Nesta Davir (Desecrated Temple…

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Update 32: Against the Slave Lords

Citi Plays DDO


So Update 32 (U32) was released last Tuesday, and not only did I have a chance to run it a few times, I was able to make the first couple of runs with Even and the rest of the Flower Sniffers of Destiny!

I wasn’t able to get many screenshots, but I’ll spatter what I have in amongst the post so you can see some of what it looks like. They will not have any specific order or placement, though, so bear with me. I will try to remember to take more the next time I go through each area.

Overall Appearance

I cannot give enough props to the people that worked on these areas. They look simply amazing. The models are proportionate and realistic, the skins are detailed and articulate, and every area is just plain beautiful! My personal favorite is the actual lair of the slave lords, where…

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Cerge eTR 8

Micki's Delirium

Today, after finishing up my epic 3bc saga and then flagging for The Mark of Death, I eTR’d Cerge. Here are his before and after pictures.

Before                                                                  After

Since he is a wolfie, you won’t really be seeing much of his blond hair.. but there you have it.

Thank you for stopping by. Tc.

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Trying out the U32 quests (spoilers)

Micki's Delirium

Update 32 – Against the Slave Lords was out a few days ago, and I wanted to do a video series of me trying the quests out. My first run through was on heroic, I plan to do another recording when I run the quests legendary. In the first quest I missed a lever and spent an unnecessary amount of time running around looking for it. In the second I got covered in honey and had bees stinging me for a whole 10 minutes and while I was running the third I was falling asleep, and that’s why I’m not talking much in the video.

Anyway, enjoy the videos here or check out my YouTube channel for more videos.

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