Six MMO Concepts I’d Love To See Revisited

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It seems unfair to me sometimes how the MMO genre latches on to some features while letting others fall to the ground after only one try.  Here are six MMO concepts I’d love to see picked up, dusted off, tweaked, and used in future (or even current) titles:

  1. Tellings (A Tale in the Desert) – ATITD is fairly unique in that it hits the reset button on the game every year or two, wiping clean all of the achievements and starting a new version of the game.  Although I can see this freaking out a whole bunch of players in other titles, I think there might be a lot of appeal in hitting a reset switch in a MMO, as long as the next iteration is different someway and the game is built around it.  After all, people are just excited as all get out over WoW’s earth-rending reshaping of…

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Rimuldar Having Some Fun in Epic Normal VON

Erdrique's Blog

I currently have five characters running in epic levels (Rimuldar, Wapoyei, Garrrin, Kolll, and Larrs).  All of these characters are level 22 or less, so I’m moving them slowly through the various epic quests while putting more focus on Erdrique and his True Reincarnation train.  Recently, I logged on with Rimuldar (Level 21 Archmage/Magister) and decided to run The Vault of Night on epic normal.  Since I have decided to put more of a focus to the pug scene for this year, I created a post for a group in the LFM panel.  I was kind of worried how this would turn out because I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to hold up my end in the pug scene for the higher level quests, especially since I haven’t concentrated on gearing up the majority of my characters, especially with my casters. 

So, after…

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DDO: Exquisite Terror

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Even if I only have time to do one dungeon, I still look forward to our Massively DDO nights.  It’s great to know that come Wednesday, this is what I’m doing, and I’ll instantly have a group to play with.

Last night I jumped online ten minutes late, and found that all groups had already formed and were full.  So, ironically enough, the two Massively folks (Rubi and myself) were left to form an army of two.  Fortunately, we both had hirelings to round out the party to five, and we ran the Redwillow quest.

It’s a pretty fun outdoorsy romp — I’d only done it once before, and Rubi never, so we took our sweet time.  Hirelings, for what they are, function pretty well as backup teammates as long as you don’t need them to do anything complicated.  Run, kill, heal, those sorts of things.

So it’s in the…

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A Week’s Worth of Questing, June 23rd to 26th

Erdrique's Blog

Last week’s quest runs started not with questing in DDO but instead in Neverwinter Nights II instead.  This was because DDO was undergoing its period of maintenance.  So I took Ragnar (Level 5 Spirit Shaman) and his party into the town of Highcliff to gather information about lizard man blockade that is preventing all ships from leaving the harbor in Highcliff.  After running around the town for a little while and picking up some side quests I needed to head out and go to work.  Once, I got back home from work, I took Hamllin (Level 9 Fighter) into Tangleroot Gorge and then I logged on with Erdrique (Level 13 Druid) and I took him into the Restless Isles and ran the Slayers of the Shrieking Mines.  After that run I logged out for a little while and logged back in that night but only worked on character maintenance…

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LOTRO’s Great DDO Hope

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To paraphrase a Groundhog Day quote, “Déjà vu? I’ll check with the kitchen to see if we have that.” In riding out the player reactions to the F2P-hybrid model change, it feels as though we’ve done this all before — and not too long ago, at that. The “RAWR!” of players against F2P and newbies in “their” MMO, the “RAWR!” of players for it, the sane folks in the middle who calmly reserved judgment until it actually happened — these are not just the reactions of the past couple weeks, but also a year ago when Turbine announced the same thing with DDO.

I’m not interested in prodding the hornets’ nest of F2P opinions this week; Lord knows everyone’s firmly entrenched in their respective positions and are glaring at the other side without giving up an inch. Instead, I wanted to explain one of the biggest reasons why I personally…

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Caught in the Web – Finally!!

grimordes blog

I did suggest, via twitter, that I might do something different for my blog covering yesterdays events. However, I didn’t get it finished. In fact, I think it might take longer than I expected. So I’ll keep working on it & hopefully have it for you in a few weeks. Then again, it will probably end up on the pile of things I have to do, along with iPhone apps, 2 novels, floors I need to put down… 🙂

So instead – my normal format.

Yesterday was our now normal weekend routine. We ran around with our TR characters until mid afternoon when the Defense Guild members turned up. We didn’t actually get that much done with the TR’s, but it was possibly the easiest Crucible run we’ve done yet. I think I may have run round that maze way too many times 🙂 And Hymm has now taken level…

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Taming the Flames or The Pit?

Erdrique's Blog

Earlier this week, I logged on for a mid-day afternoon run with Hamllin (Level 10 Fighter).  Hamllin is finishing up his level 7 quests and the two he needed at that particular time were Taming the Flames and The Pit.  Both of these particular quests have some pretty interesting reputations.  The Pit has actually grown on me and although it can be quite challenging at level it affords a very large amount of experience.  Meanwhile, Taming the Flames, has always caused me “heartburn”.  For a character that doesn’t have evasion, dealing with the multitude of fire elementals and their dang fireballs on elite can be quite depressing.

However, in terms of quest length, Taming the Flames is considerably shorter than the The Pit and because I didn’t have a large amount of time, I decided to hit up Taming the Flames.  So I entered the quest with cleric hireling…

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On the first day of Slavers, Cannith crafting gave to me….

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I am now in possession of 3 new crafted items (Cannith, not against the slavelords), I ran Slavers (what I call it, so sue me) once with an awesome group on LE but the second part ended up bugged and I also ran 3 Elite Cannith quests for the patron reward and Mark of Cannith mats.


I feel a mini rant coming on, but I will keep it short. The grind for mats is stupid. Largely because Turbine decided to add it but not enough of it. Some quests got new dispensers (such as newer ones) and for most part it’s ‘okay’. But large places that would be ideal for a lot of it, got barely anything. Like ToEE. Massive place to explore, piddly amount of dispensers. In fact you’ll have to check half of part 1 top for 3 (that is 3) where as you can do one…

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