A Weekend of DDO

Bio Break

Although some Wednesday evenings I’ve been mentally tuckered and in no great mood for gaming, I’ve been enjoying Massively’s Nights in Eberron, and not willing to give it up.  It really helps when there’s a large pool of willing groupers who show up, are in a “let’s go TEAM!” mode, and who roughly are doing the same quests.

Unfortunately, I’ve been waffling on a class and build to play, which means I’ve gone back and rerolled twice now — previously I’ve been a monk and a cleric.  I wasn’t happy with either, so I decided to recreate my heavy repeater spellslinger bard, Mark II.  This time around, I picked a human (for the extra feat), had the 32-point build, and even purchased a +1 of every stat tome out of my leftover Turbine Points.  There’s just something I love about the bard — it does a little of everything, has…

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DDO: Mysterious Renewable Content

Bio Break

From a recent ZAM interview with DDO devs:

“I think one thing that players can look forward to from us is a new type of content being added to the game. It is a new type of content system that will play a bit differently and be designed to be repeatable. It will scale to a bunch of different levels and have some form of indirect and direct competition built into the system.”

There’s a lot of good preview stuff in this article (airships, guild leveling, half-orc race, possible druid class), but the above quote really got my thinker a-tickin’.  A new type of content that will play differently, be repeatable, scale to levels, and be competitive.  What could it be?

PvP may be one solution — it certainly is repeatable and competitive — but DDO doesn’t really do PvP well, or lend itself to large-scale PvP at all.  Tavern…

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Cerge update, life 3

Micki's Delirium

Let’s see. I TR’d Cerge December 26, 2013. Actually, I ETR’d + TR’d. Anywho, in 3 weeks, he’s only gotten as far as lvl 8. Why? Because, 1. I have other things to do than play, 2. I play 4 other toons every week and 3. I also put some time on my videos and this blog. And I don’t have the zerg TR down, and Osi TR’d before me, and has run off… somewhere. Well, Cerge is now lvl 8: 1 rogue/ 3 ranger/ 4 bard. While leveling, I have been soloing a lot, for 2 reasons: I hate waiting, and I’m not always sure of all the quests since I don’t run them much, so I’m embarrassed to lfm. I did get to run with some friends for a bit, which was fun.

Cerge does traps well, and he’s currently running around dual wielding axes. I have some…

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Explosive barrels and loot

Erdrique's Blog

The other day, I was running Charlock through Sorrowdusk Isle and through the Grey Moon and Cult of Six chains with a guildie, Lilbitblue.  As we were taking out the various enemies on the island and throughout the quests within the chains a number of barrels and crates also suffered from our destruction .  Some of these barrels were explosive barrels.  I don’t know why this never occurred to me before, as I have only been playing DDO for nearly eight years now (man has it been that long…), but I was noticing money and items dropping from the explosive barrels.  Now, if the barrel was packed full of explosives, how in the world did those items and money remain intact?

LOL, I wish I was able to have the fire protection that those items have .  Perhaps that is it though.  Maybe the wily casters and shamans who stuffed…

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How to flag for Against the Demon Queen

Micki's Delirium

I plan to do a series of flagging videos for the raids in ddo that require flagging, and I decided to start with ADQ, mainly because I happened to have a character that wasn’t flagged for it. I was going to split the video up in several videos, but in the end I appended the clips into one long video. I had a few glitches on the way, first the recording turned off on me in the wizard king* so I lost a few minutes there, and then my computer crashed in the middle of Chains of Flame and I ended up having to redo that video, losing out on some of the footage in between.

Here’s how you flag:

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Tactalicious & Craftalicious

The art of utility and useful.

I’m not sure that word will trend anytime soon, but I have often thought of what makes a good item not only indispensable but also the perfect tool. Up until recently there were no items that filled a perfect void. There were almost items – or like in the case of some rune arms for arties with built in lore and spell power – a significant well roundness. It’s the one item where you don’t need additional gear and you envision whomever made that rune arm going; dang – why didn’t I think about this sooner.

The new crafting system, combined with older rune arms have the promise of tailoring tools to the needs of the user. Of course that’s true with any class – but having a fundamental source of power for Arti’s being able to be shaped into something incredibly more useful…

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Syp: Giddy

Bio Break

Lately, I’ve been really giddy.  Like, jumpy-as-a-junior-high-schoolboy-on-a-sugar-overdose giddy.  Smiling all the time giddy.  Spinning in my chair and shouting at the ceiling “WHEEEE!” giddy.

It’s weird and I think my wife’s moved out until I’ve gotten past this phase.

I can’t explain it — I’m just really excited for MMO gaming, in a way that I haven’t been in a long time.  I think I began 2010 with very low expectations — all the good games were well over a year away, I wasn’t really rooted in a current MMO, and the year ahead looked long and boring to me.

Then I got into LOTRO, and better yet, got a job writing about it.  On top of that, it seems like we’re getting a whole bunch of upbeat information lately about MMOs — experimentation with pricing plans that make me feel as if I could play more than one game…

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Tuesday Activities

Citi Plays DDO

I have mentioned in earlier posts that Tuesday is my (current) day for DDO. I have three guilds on different servers, and we all do something at some point in the day, which makes Tuesday very hectic!

Here’s a list of some of the things I did on Tuesday, August 30th:

Argonnessen (2pm – 5pm CST).

Argo is the server I spend the least amount of time on, mostly due to time constraints.

The Thieves Guild (Mari, Tsorte, Rad and I) spent our time in two quests within The Storm Horns that- to me, anyway- are rather new and challenging. I took Citira, my level 27 paladin, and she gained a couple of ranks in her current Destiny.

First we ran EH Mask of Deception, which was not as bad as I thought it might be. I was surprised how none of the traps hit me, not even once! This…

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MMO snacking


Legion has launched and there is a veritable banquet of new content before us: new zones, world quests, rare spawns (gotta catch those stars!), class halls, artifact weapons and, eventually, dungeons. The class halls and artifact weapons are a particular draw for me as they offer snippets of lore and some very nostalgic trips back to older era zones.


That makes me, on one hand, want to play all the classes and see all the cool stuff as soon as possible. But thankfully I also have enough rationality to recognise that I simply do not enjoy bingeing on a game anymore. Too much WoW in a short space of time is likely to put me off the expansion quickly enough – I almost over did the invasion events last month in this way.

How many times have I done this fight? How many times have I done this fight?

So instead of falling back on old patterns of…

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Thazara 1.5 plan, cap and gear

Micki's Delirium

I finally had some time to play and I managed to cap Thaz yesterday. So, I wanted to do an updated post about her gear and build. I’m pretty much still following the Thazara 1.4 build, but I’m sticking to concentration over diplomacy and I have here updated the build plan to include levels 29 and 30. This is a max wisdom, max evocation dc, light spammer build. Force is used for blade barrier and arcane pulse.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 4.31.203DDO Character Planner Home PageThazara 
Level 30 True Neutral Elf Female
(20 Cleric  10 Epic) 
Hit Points: 615
Spell Points: 804 
BAB: 1515202525
Fortitude: 19
Reflex: 11
Will: 31

                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
(32 Point)(Level 1)(Level 30)
Strength              8                    14
Dexterity            10                    16
Constitution         14                    20
Intelligence         14                    20
Wisdom               18                    37
Charisma              8                    14

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