EEraids/ LE raids, week 3

Micki's Delirium

I posted for LE shroud just after 9pm Swedish time on Saturday, and was quickly joined by a few ppl, including Nurmaso and Lubash. Then we waited. I asked ppl to join in EEraids channel, in titan channel, sent a few tells… It took about 1.5h before we had a full party and when we did, I realised we didn’t have a hurler.. that is a warlock with “Hurl through hell”. We could have gone without one, but seeing as this is a tough raid, having to do the reds in p2 more than once isn’t really ideal. So, I decided to run Darth’s warlock instead of Thazara. Since I already had 2 completions of this raid, and we also had another cleric in the party, I felt we would benefit more from the warlock than from Thaz.

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One, One Kraken! Two, Two Krakens! Mwah Ha Ha!

Dyson's Dodecahedron


This week we saw a new level reached in the Patreon funding for the blog. We hit the $500 level for the first map of the month!

Now, the way things usually work with my Patreon is a number of pledges “bounce” at the beginning of the month, bringing down the total pledge by up to $25. So, being all excited as I am, and thankful for everyone’s amazing support, I’ve posted this month’s Release The Kraken poll BEFORE the first of the month – thus while we are over the $500 funding target…

Thus meaning we will be releasing TWO KRAKENS!

I’ve grabbed eight maps from the blog’s backlog and the top TWO voted by the patrons of the blog will be released starting sometime mid-month (probably on two different Sundays).

And if we do slip below $500?

Meh, we’ll just pretend we didn’t.

Follow the link to get to the…

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Frightfest 2016: Jump Scares that scared the hell out of me!


cooltext211399310506118For frightfest a few years ago I wrote a post which examined if jumpscares or cerebral horror was the best way to frighten gamers; it turned out that cerebral horror was the best (read that post here).

While that post is pretty darn conclusive – it wasn’t science and it certainly doesn’t mean that jumpscares do not have their place in gaming. I’d be a big fat liar if I said that I’ve never been gotten by a jumpscare (or five).

So here are my personal favourite jump scares that made me squeal like a little girl.

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It would seem that Reaper difficulty is coming

Micki's Delirium

During the week several of us noticed that the quest difficulty windows had gotten a space to the right for a new difficulty, which we assume is the expected reaper difficulty. I believe someone had even tried this difficulty on Lamannia. The new space worked fine for quests, not so well for wildernesses. Check out the picture below.

That’s all for this post.
Thank you for stopping by.

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Fright fest 2016: Horror games to fill your extra hour


cooltext211399310506118Bonus Post Alert!

Today in the UK is the first official day of Autumn and that means that the clocks have went back by one hour! So what are you to do with that extra hour? Play games of course, and because it’s the day before Halloween; you should be playing horror games!

Why play through a longer game though? You don’t have an extra eight hours, only one! So here is a selection of short horror experiences that shouldn’t last more than an hour; turn the lights down and turn the volume up – it’s time to scare the living crap,out of yourself!

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The Quest(s) for Things ‘n’ Stuff!

Citi Plays DDO

Most of you probably do not know me very well, but I like words, and those that do know me will attest. Word play, puns, irony, obscure words, etc, all lead to some form of enjoyment.

So some of what I enjoy about DDO is the aspect of place or quest or even npc names and their double/ hidden definitions or references. That is why I feel I must continue with that trend when I get something new that I am able to name.

In this case, I refer to the little ghostly beholder known as the Doomspherelet Pet.

Before I get too into my whole naming sequence routine, let me back up a bit and explain things from the start.

In my last post, I announced the commencement of this years version of The Night Revels, which is a festival that celebrates the spirit of Halloween as relates to…

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Thank You, Developers

The Order of Syncletica

trophyUpdate 33 Hotfix 1 is arriving as I type this.

The release notes are short, as hotfixes tend to be quick bullet points.

There’s been some important fixes, such as purple and red-named bosses not becoming Champions.

A guildmate had to play the Spinner of Shadows in Epic with a crown on her head–as if she needed any more overpowered abilities!

But less can be more when it comes to patches.

The best news:

  • Handwraps no longer take durability damage.

Obviously I haven’t tested this just yet. But it’s good news. Not because we Monks want special treatment, but because the change of handwraps to non-weapons (with all the downsides that weapons can have against oozes and rust monsters) made the class potentially more expensive to use in early levels. It was also a sudden change that most of us were hardly ready to compensate for, through crafting or other…

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