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Just a quick update as I’ve not written anything for a few days.

Three of us have now hit level 25, though we’re still sitting at level 23 as we’re not entirely sure the bugs for taking level 24 have been fixed yet. We’ll see what happens when this weeks (?) patch goes live.

We had another attempt at getting a shard of the envenomed blade for my partners rogue by running Servants of the Overlord on Epic Hard, doing all the optionals. We got a few scrolls, but still no shard. She is now starting to think the shard doesn’t exist….

For a laugh on Sunday, four of us ran VoN5 on Epic Hard. It’s a good job two of us are monks with Abundant Step 🙂 And it was a very welcome 92K xp. However, VoN6 on Epic Hard didn’t go quite so well… lol well it was…

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