A Rundown of Quests during the week, May 19th to May 22nd

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It was another wacky week for me with my runs in DDO.  I generally have a set schedule of runs during the week and another set during the weekend.  During the typical work week (Mon-Frid), I have broken up my questing runs between a morning slayer run prior to work, an afternoon run when I get home from work and prior to dinner, and then more extensive runs each night (except for date night).  During the weekend nights (Fri and Sat) I typically stay up late and get more quests run but don’t typically work on any slayers.  Each set of runs I have rotated around my numerous characters to make sure they get some play time.  A little unusual, but it seems to work for me.  However, there does happen when a wrench gets thrown into the system.  For instance if I have a late meeting at work, or…

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