Month of DDO: Sewer surfing

Bio Break

d1After capturing, losing, recapturing, and relosing this Shar priest, I’m about ready to throw my hands up in exasperation and let him go already.  The Wheloon prison storyline in Dungeons and Dragons Online isn’t as willing to do so, however.  There’s a conspiracy afoot!  There’s a prison break!  And now I’m informed that there are innocents trapped inside the walls of this Escape from New York-style city prison.  I guess that’s a potential problem when you dump people into a place and give them no possibility of parole.  Also, where’s the sympathy for any kids that the inmates might have?

So I jump the walls — enjoying my character’s always-on slowfall as I drift down — and make my way through the prison to find this supposed enclave of non-criminals.  The mission to do so is level 16 (one level higher than I am) and inside a sewer.  You ever…

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