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I’m tired so todays blog will consist of random thoughts 🙂

My dark monk, Dimichaerii, has gone a slightly different route on his point spend in Grandmaster of Flowers in comparison to how I spent them on my light monk. I got the Drifting Lotus feat the other nght and I love it 🙂 Knocks bad guys on their arse, does great damage (on the mobs I’ve tried it against) and looks cool!

I’m listening to old episodes of DDOCast, currently at episode 133. I am taking bets with myself on how long it takes for Jerry to pronounce Samius’ name correctly. So far I’ve lost the bet twice 🙂

Episode 132 (I think) had a great segment by Xylosent (I’ve probably spelled that incorrectly!) about his love of DDO and what it means to him. This was recorded just before DDO went free to play, when it seems the…

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