Sweet 17

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I hit 17 this morning doing a quick vale run figuring out that my greater gnoll bane bow works better on the gnoll rare caster and his minions of mephits than using a holy burst bow. What also helps is to have a cleric hireling over a caster  when you go close quarter brawling with a bunch of angry mephits.

You live and learn and then you level up.

I didn’t really look forward to 17; I mean yeah – I like leveling as it means me being able to equip better stuff, but 17 only means a few more hit points and SP and the ability to equip better stuff, except that most of the better stuff usually level out at 15 and now I can equip my search +15 and heal +3 goggle instead of my search +15 goggle. You see what I mean?

It does mean…

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