Loving my clonk

Micki's Delirium

🙂 As I’ve mentioned before, I made a caster clonk with sorc dilly on the Cannith server, to be able to run with some friends. I love my clonk. 🙂 She’s atm 4/1 cleric/monk. She has 3 eternal wands (Eternal wand of spark of light, Eternal wand of magic missile and Eternal wand of acid splash) that she uses for fighting. She has extended buffs, so her elemental buffs last 8 minutes, but only just over 300 sp with a +25 sp item and water stance, so she’s got just enough sp to buff 2 people (so she mostly buffs herself).

The best thing, though, is that she can block and tumble successfully, and the wands give her great range. This means, that when the party charges into battle, she can stand at a safe distance and spam spells with her wands 🙂

I was very proud…

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