Things change

Micki's Delirium

I have been running end game content for a while now. Since April 2012, to be exact, since Thazara capped her xp during Crystal Cove 2012. My cleric started out as a total gimp. I wanted a melee caster, and I put ability points in charisma after I noticed she couldn’t turn anything. I got help on the forums and did a greater reincarnate at level 12, to make her a caster with melee fallback. This was the preferred build of one guy who helped me get back up on my feet after stumbling. I don’t regret making her this way at all, she’s been exactly the way I want her. Mostly she’s divine punishment, blade barrier, comet fall and heals – mostly bursts and aura. I like kiting blade barrier while using bursts for heals, or dp’ing a boss while meleing and healing.

But, things change. The game changes…

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