Night Revels 2016

Citi Plays DDO

screenshot00240 Night Revels 2016

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkins get turned into Jack-O’-Lanterns, the sky gets darker, and the dead rise! Mabar has come!

The eerie plane of night has once again made its way to Delera’s Graveyard in DDO, and everyone’s getting into the festive mood!

screenshot00238 Mabar’s Night Sky

The costumes (cosmetic armors/ hats/ pets) are out, and everyone’s after that hard to get candy!

Darkest Chocolates, Spooky Almonds, Black Apples, and many other forms of ingredients we all need to get that certain special something (like the Doomsphere pet, or perhaps that wicked looking armor and helm- see screen cap at top of page if you don’t know what I mean).

This year, besides some awesome new cosmetics available as prizes, there’s some wonderful new quests to help us farm up the necessary ingredients to get the items we want so badly: Hayweird Foundry and Getting Ahead…

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