The Quest(s) for Things ‘n’ Stuff!

Citi Plays DDO

Most of you probably do not know me very well, but I like words, and those that do know me will attest. Word play, puns, irony, obscure words, etc, all lead to some form of enjoyment.

So some of what I enjoy about DDO is the aspect of place or quest or even npc names and their double/ hidden definitions or references. That is why I feel I must continue with that trend when I get something new that I am able to name.

In this case, I refer to the little ghostly beholder known as the Doomspherelet Pet.

Before I get too into my whole naming sequence routine, let me back up a bit and explain things from the start.

In my last post, I announced the commencement of this years version of The Night Revels, which is a festival that celebrates the spirit of Halloween as relates to…

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