A good reason to run Mabar and Winter Festival

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

According to this forum subject it now appears that the new crafting system works with festival additional damage. Currently there are two – solar (1d4 light damage) that you can get from the new Mabar event and frost (up to cold burst) from the Eberron winter event.

I don’t know about frost for sure, but it is considered a festival type damage addition and you can only have 1 on at the same time. That would be force (if I’m not correct but I will change), solar and frost. Force is something you can add to any item using a stone of change recipe and solar and frost is applied from the events. Now it is possible that frost won’t work because of the nature of how you apply it but if this is any indication crafted items are considered the same random loot, at least how they are created…

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