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My 28p build caster clonk with sorc dilly hit lvl 25 a couple of weeks ago, and she’s now ready to TR (we’re gonna TR next week). Since I picked up Sireth in my first run of CitW on Cannith server, I decided I wanted to try building a palemaster monk, staff focused henshin mystic. 6 monk/ 12 wizard and 2 rogue for rogue staff enhancements. Here’s the build plan I came up with. I do not have arti unlocked on Cannith, so that is not an option, and my original plan was 2 fighter instead of rogue. I do not plan on doing traps, the rogue levels are only for enhancements. For undead shroud, I’ll most likely mostly use vampire, but will start off with zombie, and probably take wraith once I get it for occasional end game use. This build is not meant to be an OP end…

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