The Demon-Faced Tower

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The old stone fortress and tower along one of the tributaries of the Greendraught river almost certainly had a name at one point. Something dark, ominous and with much gravitas like Orothon’s Spire or The Dark Hold. But these days there’s not much reason to try to fortify something along the Greendraught – it isn’t a border region for any major kingdom, nor a tactically important river crossing or any such.

So the old fortress has fallen into disuse, and is known for its obvious architectural flourishes as “The Demon-Faced Tower”. Probably because it has two different stone demon faces projecting from the sides of the tower proper, with balconies in their mouths.

The Demon-Faced Tower The Demon-Faced Tower


The whole structure is in poor repair with moss covering many areas, and the doors are only decent because they’ve been replaced recently. The problem is of course that it just makes such…

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