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So I started solo leveling my FvS destiny and it’s the first char I ever made and TR’d and one that has the most gear. Like 2 con op item and the torc and about everything that makes it a solid self sufficient evoker. Except now with the level 21+ stuff he’s incomplete and in worse shape DPS wise compared to my trusted sorc or horc.

There’s 2 reasons for that – one that can easily be resolved and one that can’t.

First blade barriers. With the new system where everything untyped is baked into impulse (force) it’s better. It’s possible for a FvS/Cleric to get 12% crit on blade barriers with 120 spell power. Sure – it can’t be boosted with enhancements but this is far better than before, where it was limited by potency (50%) and maybe a green blade (greater arcane lore). This can now be as…

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