Tanking is possible, but you still take some spanking

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I started out farming for mats with Ranger; it’s far better equipped and do a lot more in DPS then my tank – and it can actually do all level 25 Cannith ones without issue. Not only because of FotW and the effect of furyshot (what people have named multiarrow together with the epic moment) but also on a individual fight basis those heavy hitting adrenaline hits does short work with all type of critters.

That’s not true with my tank – even in a better destiny like Legendary will be short on DPS in some of the challenges. Like the one for Jade scorpions where as soon as the kobold picks up the huge crystal you’ll get ambushed by 3 drow (casters, shooters and rogues), lions and giant(s). That can be though if you don’t have enough DPS to take them down quickly and my tank wouldn’t. Sure, he’d get one or two drow down but the…

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