Into the valley of gold and gems

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

It’s ironic; I tend to run into things when I don’t want or plan to and I’ll never run into something if I do. In other words – if I go hunting for dragons I won’t find them (unless it’s TOR, where you will always encounter 3 of them). But if I happen to go the wrong way to POP (like heading towards Madstone confusing my directions and having a FVS foolish enough to follow me around – but turned out to work in my favor.

So there it was; a green dragon. Sleeping on a slope. If you’re sneaky you can apparently steal its chest without waking it and if you’re not, like the FvS – you get to fight it. I was on my ranger at the time so I decided to stay away. Partly because the acid breath and attacks hit me anyways but at least I…

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