Gear complexity


Syp had a post last week about the “Jenga tower of MMO gear complexity“, pointing out the common problem of aging MMOs – that the complexity of managing our characters’ gear increases as new stats, enhancements and tiers of equipment are added. It’s certainly a problem I can identify with.

For instance I have a capped character in Everquest 2 but have no real clue about the bewildering array of stats on his gear. It’s a game that I’ve played for quite a long time but I’ve never played at end-game, when gear selection and optimisation generally really matters in any MMO. As Syp mentions in his post, the Legendary Item system in LOTRO is a clear example of out-of-control gear complexity. I am happy enough to spend the accumulated talent-like points on a given weapon to customise it for my character chosen playstyle; but the deep system…

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