One lesson learned, another ignored.

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Mabar had a raid made up by the unruly mob. There’s a reason why people are somewhat selective in raids. We don’t want so called DPS to show up with candle sticks and costing a completion or a whole party wipe.  I know, it’s just time, but time that could have been better spent with people who have a clue and don’t think Epic is best done in shorts and 200 HP.

Gone is the raid format and it’s now a group event; to be done with hirelings, solo or any size group.  So that’s good. The question is of course how it scales and if going from one level to the next does anything other than scale both rewards, XP and critter HP and damage. It’s good that Turbine is offering so many reviews so we can better help them balance the effect. Except for the fact…

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