(Toven’s) Hammer time

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

The cove is back, the original and first fling with mining kobolds and screams of panic. The first look of a ‘wilderness’ public pirate spawn area with all different types of pirates dependent on level of character (who ran by).

Last year I found that the upper end rune arm ruled supreme – and today I checked if Toven’s hammers electric spheres are useful.

The short of it; yes they are. More so for closer up targets where you agro more than one pirate – not always at a distance. And the downside is of course the reflex save – something that’ll happen quite often. The mindsunder runearm is as good as the acid one – homing bolts and all. It does slightly less damage than the acid one so if you have the acid; use it. With the challenge boots you can get 21% crits and that’s well worth…

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