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Everyone wants tharnes goggles. Or at least it seems like it. There’s always the ‘drat the goggles didn’t drop’ in a VoD run. And for good reasons. It’s not that tharnes goggles are these super duper ones, but they’re pretty good, offer a lot of value for something like a rogue and it has true seeing on them which is at least for a self sufficient dungeon runner almost a must.

It never drops. Well it does – but for all the times I have run VoD I’ve seen it drop twice and once as end reward for my FvS. I took it – it’s not like I really needed it but I figured what the heck – I might as well take it since I had everything else. This time I was running VoD on my ranger and I figured I wanted tharnes, or the epic red fen ones…

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