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So I pull the vibrant purple Ioun stone and bake it for my FvS – so now he have all the twink gear he need to TR again (and only 3 more epic tokens needed).

I also ended up with the shard of the bracers of the claw (last piece needed) for my Ranger once he hits 20 again and the two first tiers done on my Sorcs con op gloves. I went with tier one immunities and tier 2 SP and I’m one supreme shard short of a tier 3 SP and ultimately con op.

Now all I need is the Torc and a con op scepter and he’ll be Mr. SP dynamo supreme. I will most likely make a similar scepter as my FvS have; one with tier 1 being whatever and tier 2 and 3 Heal Amp. That way he can heal using cure serious potions.


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