Update 11 – The joy of sadness

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

Just like update 9 made me a happy camper until the many things that didn’t make me happy was unearthed I’ve come to look forward to update 11 and not.

First off I like the new gear from the quests and raids.

Here’s a good thread to what to expect and some information about the new raids and gear.



Blown to Bits (19) – {Update 11 Pack}

  • Alchemist’s Pendant – (Necklace) Constitution +6, Greater Elemental Energy, Alchemical Conservation, Nearly Finished [ML:18, BTA] (End Chest)
  • Fabricator’s Bracers – (Bracers) Incite +20%, Balance +10, Enhanced Balance +5, Cannith Combat Infusion, Nearly Finished [ML:18, BTA] (optional boss chest)

Power Play (19) – {Update 11 Pack}

  • Magewright’s Cloak – (Cloak) Charisma +6, Stealth Strike, Perform +10, Enhanced Perform +5, Nearly Finished [ML:18, BTA] (End Chest)
  • Wolfinson’s Monocular Enhancer – (Goggles) Superior Reconstruction VI, Search +10, Enhanced Search +5, Reconstruct {CL:10, 1 charge/rest}[ML:18…

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