Shopping Spree

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

30% discount whatever and 5k later I have XP pots, some hirelings another character slot etc. All in all a fine haul.

And with my upcoming birthday (and my kids – DDO point cards or else) wish I hope to add to that pile and waste it promptly on greater tome of learning.

That’s right. I want to be able to have a perma +50% first time bonus and +20% bonus for as long as I level.

The hard part is of course to decide whom to put it on. I mean my arti yes – but I could also consider any of my level 20 guys. Most likely my ranger followed by my Fighter.

Party because I’d like to keep my arti at 20 for a while and get him some more gear but also because he’s the crafter and TRing different type of characters always demand one item…

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