Bastion with a vengeance

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I don’t like Amrath quests sometimes; it’s either a quick romp through corridors, ambushed by leagues of devil hordes or it’s a corridor by corridor slog until death – lost, backtracking ‘what now?’ kind of thing.

It’s easy to persevere when you’re a fighter. You either live or die – it’s harder as a healer. You have to heal and when the waters runs dry – you suck pots.

This time I played my ranger. It’s something to say about the diversity of multi-arrow and tempest 2 weapon fighting. I just wish I had a straight earth and mineral II Khopesh already to make life easier. And while I’m at it – lightning II bow. And that’s why I run Amrath quests – for the remote chance of large (read scales) mats. So I can get the party started. Ironically – so when I run these quests again it’s even easier. Yeah…

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