A farewell song to the sky

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

There is winter in the air. Naked trees accuse the sky with their empty crowns. The wind, once the encore of a thousands celebrating whispers, now an empty howl. Leafs rustling in the wind. Like dry tumble weeds curled up into hard shells as they skitter across the bitter struck road.

Inside the heat blows like gods breath through vents. Inside a Saturdays microbial step towards a in person interview for a job on Monday and the bustle of uncluttering a home that needs to be downsized feels frail, fraught and exhausted. So little time – so many grand things to do, so many pieces of the same puzzle to fit into place.


I’m inside the prison again. I’m back, just one or two quests at the time before the guilt of not doing everything that I can grips me. A Gargoyle sweeps the burning sky as I watch…

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DDO Picture Compilation

grimordes blog

*warning: there are a lot of pictures in this blog 😀

I was clearing out the folder all my DDO screenshots are saved to the other day & found a lot of, what I think are, really good pictures. So I decided to share them 🙂


If there’s one thing DDO does well, it’s scenery!

Cerulean Hills. I always think this shot is beautiful

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Favor crazy

Micki's Delirium

As some of you that’ve run with me know, one of my goals with Thazara has been to collect all the favor I can in game, and because of it I will never TR her. Tonight I ran the U18 quests on elite and am back to having run all the quests in game, almost all on elite (only missing FoT, MA and LoB). So… I took screen shots of her whole favor/ quest list, and if anyone would like to see, here it is (see gallery below):

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Filk #2: Shavarath’s a Battlefield

Citi Plays DDO

screenshot00259a Shavarath’s a battlefield

So as I was traversing the planes trying to level Citivyr, I was listening to music when “Love is a Battlefield” from Pat Benetar began to play. At first, I thought this coincidence, but- as Mark Harmon’s character on NCIS is fond of saying- “There are no coincidences.”

Thus, I took it as a sign that “A Filk must be done!”, and what you see here is the result. I hope you enjoy my quirky sense of humor.

In case some of you have not heard the song before, or if you just want to use it as a reference, you may listen to it here: Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benetar

We are flung
Onto this realm, a wasteland
No promises, just demands
Shavarath’s a battlefield

We are strong
We’ll show them all that they’re wrong
They’ve been complacent too long
All of us knowing
Shavarath’s a battlefield

They’re beggin’…

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A pact by night

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


And because the drow recently obtained enlightenment at the figurative teat of Lloth, and because she was fresh from the darkness, her vivacity overwhelming, eyes as a dark as pitch, Isobel felt compelled to help her, this Mizlika.

“You earnestly give yourself to the pact,” Isobel, in wraith form, hovered above Mizlika, absorbing the drow’s ardent passions radiating from her soul.

“I do, vampire,” Mizlika said, teeth clenching for the decision. This would forever sever her tie from Lloth, from the drow, from family, but the power promised was too great to pass up.

“The herald that approaches,” Isobel warned, “will hear your plea, and if you are as darkly honest as you seem, he will hear your pact as Herald of Tharizdun, Great Old One from afar.”

“So shall it be,” Mizlika nodded, eyes yet locked to the earth. And because she had elven sensibilities, she heard the approach of…

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Stream Schedule

Citi Plays DDO

Hello, my intrepid adventurers!

So after a few weeks of trial and error, I think I have discovered a sweet spot time slot (see what I did there?) for my weekly stream!

Yes, now you will have something more to do on your already busy Friday afternoons. I’ll start around 12:00pm CST, which will be right after Friday Afternoon stream on the official DDO Stream channel.

I will keep my viewers updated by posting reminders and updates via my Twitter account @Citiplaysddo.

I am also considering opening another stream for some other games (meaning, I may have to change my Twitch name) such as the Neverwinter Nights line of games from the late nineties/ mid-2000’s.

Please feel free to drop by and say hello! I would enjoy the company. I would also enjoy any advice on how to improve my streams.

I will also post here when/ if I…

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Epic or epic vampires

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I don’t like epic, but I can’t quit it. I mean – I don’t even care for some of the items that I can epify. I have several seals, some shards and some scrolls. But not 3 of the same and I have for stuff I don’t seem to care about. Yet I come back to it – ever disappointed at the ridiculous drop of ‘fragments’. Collect a hundred and get a ‘whole’ token. Beat a guy up for a couple of minutes.

So that I can open  that purple and gold chest and get – nothing.

But that’s nothing compared to my ire over vampire movies and books.

They have whole sections in the library and book stores. And there’s TV shows and movies.

In DDO they’re ugly and die in a swarm of bats. No drama – no – I can’t be with you because I’m a…

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The Tower-Faced Demon

Dyson's Dodecahedron

There are a number of dead gods, demons and other creatures long forgotten who’s planes of existence have ceased to exist and who now float around the astral, petrified with old age and lack of followers.

While most are just ignored, or used as the occasional stopping place or landmark in the infinite phlogiston, the Githyanki are famous for using them as bases of operations, cities, fortresses and so on.

The Tower-Faced Demon The Tower-Faced Demon

At some point this structure was the head of something large and unpleasant. And at some later time, that head was broken off from the rest of the body and then slowly retrofitted into a small fortress.

Or, if you really want to go weird, get rid of the whole astral plane stuff, and this head fortress floats timelessly 333 feet above the surface of the world, travelling where it is commanded from the spires level of…

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Are we getting too cheap for MMOs?

Bio Break


When I was growing up, our family was never very affluent. Oh, we didn’t starve, but we were most definitely in the lower-middle-class. Brand-new expensive purchases were extremely rare; my parents lived frugally and taught us to do so as well. My mom always looked for sales, clipped coupons, and even to this day shops at the dollar store for many basics.

I’ve had a weird reaction to this as I grew older. I went through a phase where I resented all of this penny-pinching and treated myself to the best of anything I wanted. But then I started to get more frugal, especially once my wife entered the scene and got us to stick to a budget.

It’s one of the reasons why MMORPGs have appealed to me, because while these games obviously wanted my money, if I was smart about it, I could get a lot of play…

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