Gear complexity


Syp had a post last week about the “Jenga tower of MMO gear complexity“, pointing out the common problem of aging MMOs – that the complexity of managing our characters’ gear increases as new stats, enhancements and tiers of equipment are added. It’s certainly a problem I can identify with.

For instance I have a capped character in Everquest 2 but have no real clue about the bewildering array of stats on his gear. It’s a game that I’ve played for quite a long time but I’ve never played at end-game, when gear selection and optimisation generally really matters in any MMO. As Syp mentions in his post, the Legendary Item system in LOTRO is a clear example of out-of-control gear complexity. I am happy enough to spend the accumulated talent-like points on a given weapon to customise it for my character chosen playstyle; but the deep system…

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Crunching AC Numbers

The Order of Syncletica

With all my “L33T UBER MONK TANK1!!” talk lately, I’ve began to study something that you’d think I’d know more about, but don’t. That’s Armor Class, the various bonus types and how a Monk should really, really work to make this number high. In a later post I’ll take Lynncletica apart to see where she needs some work to think of herself as tanking material.

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Stone of XP Blues

grimordes blog

Yes, two blogs in one day. Don’t get used to it 🙂

But I did want to comment on something else I did this weekend. My partner & I jumped on Thelanis for a bit to play with some chars we super levelled. By that, I mean we created them at level 7, got to level 8 and got stoned.

This weekend was probably the first time we’ve played them for any length of time. And you know what? Being super levelled kind of sucks! To be fair, we’ve done it to try some builds we’re thinking of for TR”s on our main Sarlona characters. But sitting at level 16 with pretty naff gear is no fun. We will not be pugging anytime soon, I’d be too embarrased 😦

I can see the benefit of the stone for TR’s who have gear stashed away, and I realise it’s a way…

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Tactalicious & Craftalicious

If you want to have an idea what a perma pvp place where there are no consequences to killing anyone walking by in the street then log into Beta and join the Eveningstar party. They got cows, bacon, ham, random loot, some XP commendations, dragons and all sorts of summoned critters – and players running around killing everything in sight including other players. If the idea was for people to try out the quests a final time then don’t expect to get far – before I could even run out into the nearest wilderness critters, players and the lag had killed me 3 times. It’s almost like a drinking game to end up in the tavern again to gulp down some stuff to get a slow tick back on your blue bar.

The last part is especially hilarious if you happen to be a sorc or divine caster since you…

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In Gaming, Never Tell Me the Odds!

The Order of Syncletica

This game is a simulation. Simulations have rules. Some rules can be bent. Others can be broken. A few need to be ignored completely. This game is a simulation. Simulations have rules. Some rules can be bent. Others can be broken. A few need to be ignored completely.

I promised that I wouldn’t go raving about the Henshin Mystic again. And I won’t.

Normally I also space out my posts to allow stuff to sink in and not to hog the OurDDO blog feed.

But a recent post in the thread that discusses why the Henshin Mystic class should be revamped led me to a curious epiphany about DDO and the players that inhabit it that I had to write about.

Here’s the post’s content, so you needn’t click on the link unless you’d like to (re)read the entire thread.

So, I was considering a crazy max Wis DC-based Monk. Henshin of course. Before I took the plunge I put together a spreadsheet outlining my DCs…it was very eye opening.

With a 50 Wis…

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Into the valley of gold and gems

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

It’s ironic; I tend to run into things when I don’t want or plan to and I’ll never run into something if I do. In other words – if I go hunting for dragons I won’t find them (unless it’s TOR, where you will always encounter 3 of them). But if I happen to go the wrong way to POP (like heading towards Madstone confusing my directions and having a FVS foolish enough to follow me around – but turned out to work in my favor.

So there it was; a green dragon. Sleeping on a slope. If you’re sneaky you can apparently steal its chest without waking it and if you’re not, like the FvS – you get to fight it. I was on my ranger at the time so I decided to stay away. Partly because the acid breath and attacks hit me anyways but at least I…

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The Shadowbow Ninja

The Order of Syncletica

The recent changes to the Monk enhancement trees enhanced the already-great Ninja Spy tree. Of note:

  • Advanced Ninja Training: Any non-handwrap, non-quarterstaff weapon you can wield while Centered gains bonuses.
  • Diversion: For 50 ki, you create a hate-magnet training dummy (Cooldown: 3 minutes)
  • Ninja Master: +2 DEX and +2 WIS, Vorpal gained on any non-handwrap, non-quarterstaff weapon you can wield, +1 Competence bonus to critical hit multiplier.

I saw one immediate benefit to my Zen Archer and Bowmaster: I could save some AP by removing Aerenal Grace from the Elf tree since Advanced Ninja Training provided DEX-to-Damage for longbows. That’s done.

Then I kept looking at the new Ninja tree as a whole. Next to the Rogue and its trees, it is the strongest class for Sneak Attack damage (The Deepwood Stalker has better general ranged Sneak Attack but you have to power it first). I’ve leveraged…

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I’m baaaack

grimordes blog

OK, so I’ve been a bit remiss by not updating my blog lately. To be honest, I didn’t think people would be interested in hearing the exciting adventures of my TR’ing my monk (into another monk) so soon after TR’ing my Paladin (into a Favoured Soul).

However, I capped my monks second life at the weekend and I’m quite chuffed at how he’s turned out on his second life. I think, as a guild, we will probably concentrate on running epics & challenges for the next few weeks to crunch out some gear, ready for the expansion pack release. And here’s hoping the release is on time as the majority of my guild have booked that week off work…. 🙂

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The illusion of big numbers

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

People know this from the good old red box days when we ran rusted and impossible demand until our eyes bled, souls escaped our bodies and we swore off gaming until we stopped dry heaving; it’s easy to get blinded by big numbers but sometimes short and rewarding gives you more bang for the bucks then long and huge XP finish.

Take VON3 – it used to be the gold standard for XP. 20-30 minute romp – close to 200k as a reward. Now it’s about 100k on normal and maybe 30-40k more on hard. We’re talking about mid to high 4k per minute. Not bad.

Now take Impossible demand and Rusted  – about 5 minutes worth of all hell breaking lose (ignoring all optionals) and on hard you’re looking at about 28k for each. Now you’re above 5k per minute. Sure – there’s a run. But VON3 have that…

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