Real life into high fantasy (part 1)

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Dakuuluns heavy armored boots made the airships deck groan under the stress. He was hanging out by the bar, striking up a simpleminded conversation with the half naked barman. The guy behind the small bar disk first cleaned out a mug with his dirty towel then poured himself a foamy cup of ale; their conversation was short, devoid of full sentences and involved more head gestures than words.


The half Orc nodded.

‘Mmm, cold’ he licked foam from his lips and tusks.

‘Ain’t it?’ approved the barman.

‘How?’ asked Dakuulun

The barman laughed and slapped the metal device on the short bar disk.

‘Secret huh?’

‘Yep’, adding a nod.

Sunlight pierced the few clouds at their altitude and reflected off the brass tubing and through the elemental ring that made the ship stay in the air. It was a great day. Not to cold and not too hot. Perfect…

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