Tactilicious #1 – Event Trinkets

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I like tactics. I don’t like Epics. I felt I had to write that since there’s nothing tactical about Epics unless of course one single tactic is considered tactical.

But for all other content you’ll find numerous different tactics used to win and profit. Let’s talk Event trinkets; perhaps the most interesting level 4 trinket in the game right now.

 Not terribly powerful but very useful in combination with other items.

So let’s break it down; the Nimble Trinket adds +1 Attack, Plus one AC (Dodge bonus so it stacks) and Dusk. Although right now it seems to be acting as Blurry. Which is absolutely great for a level 4 item. Dusk would normally give you a 10% blur chance unlike blurry which gives you 20.

Bold Trinket adds +1 non stacking damage, +2 Seeker enhancement bonus (should be stacking but apparently don’t) and Shocking blow. That’s 10d6 loaded…

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