How reckless are you, when playing MMORPGs?


I was playing LOTRO yesterday, moving deeper into the Lone-lands zone, when I came across not one but two areas chock full of signature (aka elite in other games) monsters.


Were I playing my warden I’d probably not worry much about fighting such things, I was able to solo a few on my newish Rune-Keeper, but it wasn’t easy and pulling more than one at once wasn’t safe. I may not be that optimised for my level, I’m not wearing full sets of crafted gear, but I have been grinding out deeds and do make use of buff food and scrolls.


Using tactics such as leashing mobs carefully so a pair is split by one resetting, and being careful of patrols and my surroundings I was able to work my way into the gathering node I was originally aiming for but then I realised I was deep into a full…

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