A dungeon without combat?


I was recently reading up on the newest expansion for Rift, Starfall Prophecy, and I came across this rather interesting feature – a puzzle dungeon. Most questing content, and certainly the overwhelming majority of dungeons, in MMORPGs involves a good amount of combat. So to have a dungeon dedicated to puzzles is something I’ve not seen before.

If I think of puzzles in dungeons I think nostalgically of Dungeons & Dragons Online, the game had them quite often, whether in the form of sets of keys (or key-like items) and matching locked doors or more elaborate devices that would block onwards progress. Combat was usually present even in puzzle-heavy dungeons, however.

Lights will open the way Lights will open the way

The Secret World has puzzles as a discrete category of mission/quest. These missions tend to be at least partly in the open world, so not really the subject of this post; also for…

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