Hegruth’s Labyrinth

Dyson's Dodecahedron

In the valley of the eight spires there was once a massive sandstone labyrinth that separated the various structures here and was part of what made it such a holy site. But in the wars that followed the sundering of the faith, one group of heretics gleefully destroyed as much of the labyrinth as they could – both the natural portions and those worked by centuries of divinely inspired stonemasons.

All that is left of the labyrinth are the piles of rubble slowly disappearing into the desert valley and a few traces of it around the last of the eight spires at one end of the valley and at the entrance to Hegruth’s Shrine at the other.

Hegruth's Labyrinth Hegruth’s Labyrinth

The shrine itself was looted in the fighting and then lost. Rediscovered a century later it was looted once more, then the last artifacts of the cult of Hegruth were returned…

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