The Blessings of Healing Amp

The Order of Syncletica

After reconfiguring Syncletica’s enhancements to take Human Improved and Monk Improved Recovery III, while in GM Wind Stance, Syn pulls an average 75 HP from Healing Ki, an easy increase from 40-60 before the changes. In Fire Stance this spikes to 80-90. I don’t think I’m even wearing any Potency items as I normally do when I watched these numbers, so I’ll go back to test later to see if they influence things, as well as with Ardor potions.

But it’s when Clerics heal me that tickled me very pleasantly lately. In a recent successful elite run in Running with the Devils, a Cleric heal smacked me with a 200+ burst. I’m not sure if Cleric’s empower is stacking with my amplifications, but there it is.

The adjustments were a Good Thing that should be noticeable in later Shroud runs and raids. Muchos gratias to the many on the boards…

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