LE/EE raids week 9

Micki's Delirium

I epic reincarnated Thaz a week ago, and I didn’t have enough time to get her back to 30 before LE/EE raids this week. So, I decided to run Maidae instead. I logged on half an hour early to redo her enhancements, posted for the raid at 4 minutes to 9pm (3pm EST).. and then waited about an hour before I had a full party. During p1 I realised that 1. we didn’t have enough dps for LE and 2. I messed up my enhancements since I forgot to take Contemplation for ki regen.. which meant that I could only use 10k stars once. Half way through part 1 we started struggling real bad, so I called a restart. I needed to fix my enhancements.

Putting the post back up, and losing some people who didn’t have time for a retry, I switched the lfm to hard instead. We ended up…

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