Finding your D&D playstyle

The Long Shot

With over 40 years of history behind it, Dungeons & Dragons has changed and evolved as much as anything else in that time. Under the umbrella of five distinct editions of the rules, plus the original basic (or BECMI) set, the Rules Cyclopedia, the current basic rules (that are totally free online) and a literal universe of settings ranging from Greyhawk to the Forgotten Realms, Dark Sun to Dragonlance, Ravenloft, Spelljammer that takes adventurers into outer space, and countless others, there are limitless possibilities to explore.

becmi_dnd_boxes2 Classic BECMI D&D: Basic, Expert, Companion, Master and Immortals rulesets

Just as varied as the rulesets and settings are different styles of play. From kick-in-the-door dungeon delving to intricate plots woven into a socio-political stage, players have been finding their niche at the gaming table for decades.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned vet, finding the style of play that works for…

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