Oh, that’s just cold!

Even Now

I’m talking about the weather, of course! Here in north central Pennsylvania, the weather is very cold indeed, and full of nasty things like snow, ice, and people who don’t know how to drive in either one.

Cold and snow make me think of Storm Horns. I wasn’t sure how many Flower Sniffers would make it online for Sunday night’s stream, and I’d done an EE raid train (MoD, DoJ, Shroud, HoX) the night before, and I wanted to keep things under two hours because I had to get up early, so I opted for EH What Goes Up.

Slvr showed up with his warlock, and we had a really rather easy jaunt, even the part with the horrible pink blinding Lagmo Bismol. In hindsight, we probably could/should have done EE, and likely would have been able to get the completion within my two-hour timeframe.

But having nearly an hour…

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