LOTRO: pre-holiday news avalanche


I’m away visiting family ahead of Christmas so I’m behind on the gaming news enough to have missed a flurry of news items relating to Turbine and two of the MMORPGs that I’ve played on and off for years now – Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons.

So Turbine has divested itself of its MMORPG business in order to concentrate on mobile gaming in future. A new studio has been created, Standing Stone Games, to house Turbine’s two major MMORPGs – the older and smaller Acheron’s Call games will be shuttered as part of the deal. I’ve not played either of those games but it’s a shame for any active players to lose their home.

I am, so far at least, optimistic about this. I feel that, perhaps, Turbine lost some of its focus of recent years and the two listed MMO titles may have suffered…

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